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How to Be a Superhero has arrived!

Watch the official book trailer:

I'm thrilled to announce my newest Little Golden Book is here. Buy a copy for the heroes in your life, big or small.

KA-POW! Here's a mighty new Little Golden Book about a boy superhero!

A boy asks Captain Mighty what it takes to become a hero. There's a costume to choose and a power to develop. But most of all, it takes smarts and heart! It's not long before the boy defeats the local villain, Turbo Troll, and earns his new name: the Silver Cyclone! This rollicking read-aloud will be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike!
With heroic illustrations by Nikki Dyson

Also new this year: Let's Build and How to Be a Pirate

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If you'd like an autographed bookplate, just send me a message through my Facebook author page,​Sue.Fliess.Author or send me an email. Bookplates are adhesive-backed stickers that I can sign and mail to you in a regular business-size (No.10) envelope with current letter-rate postage. Putting the sticker on the title page of your book makes it an autographed copy. I can send up to 5 in one envelope.

My Books

There are so many kinds of hugs! Find them all here.
A child learns how to be a superhero from Captain Mighty himself!
Dad and son build something special in the backyard.
A landlubber earns his sea legs upon a pirate ship.
Learn about the robots that are all around us.
Same robot fun, new format!
The birthday girl and her Mom bake a gluten-free cake
An interactive, touch-and-move book of trucks
School is starting and Hippo gets to choose a new dress.
Hippo's feet have grown so she gets to choose a new pair of shoes.
Hippo and Dad go to the library to choose books!
5-Minute Disney Palace Pets Stories
A family goes to an animal shelter to adopt a pet.
A budding ballerina makes her dance debut
Look at cars in a whole new way!
Find out how to find your very own fairy friend
Bella is ready for a baby sister but to her surprise, it's a boy!
A day in the life of a small show dog has its ups and downs.