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"Having covered Thanksgiving, Christmas, unicorns, and more, Fliess now turns to Halloween for the latest in her crafty how-to series. Upbeat text in verse encourages readers to pick a costume...doors (and pages) are enthusiastically decorated with stars, skulls, headstones, spiderwebs, and jack-o’-lanterns. The last three double-page spreads detail the history of the holiday, its introduction to the U.S. by Irish immigrants, the traditions of trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, and instructions for making a ghost costume or puppet." A lively celebration of a popular holiday with some craft ideas and history. (Picture book. 4-6)

Kirkus Reviews

"This brief story told in verse and cartoon scenes begins with four children, two Black and two white, busily pulling items from trunks to assemble costumes. One of them will be a ghost, and the emphasis is on getting ready. Once all the children are costumed, a quick visit to a decorated door leads to a brief scary moment and an encounter with a young friendly ghost who begs to go trick-or-treating with them. Deciding that the ghost is kind and

shouldn’t be left behind, they all go trick-or-treating together. The ghost has a final happy word: “I’m a lot like you.” The scheme of the book follows that used by the author and illustrator in their “Magical Creatures and Crafts” series. The square volume sets the energetic, simply sketched figures and bits of Halloween decor against mostly white space in spreads. End materials include a history of Halloween over several pages and instructions for making ghost costumes and puppets. The costume emphasis suggests its place on library shelves. VERDICT Practical seasonal material where more is needed.

—School Library Journal

How to Spook a Ghost
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Simona Sanfilippo
Sky Pony Press

ISBN-10: 1510774084
ISBN-13: 978-1510774087


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Halloween is about getting together with friends and family, choosing costumes, and trick-or-treating! Sometimes spooky, always delicious!
But would you be brave enough to investigate strange noises? If you are, you may just meet a friendly ghost who only wants to be part of the fun! Be kind and include them in your trick-or-treating adventure and you may make a new friend! They'll be sure to enjoy the thrill of going out on Halloween night.

So, grab some supplies—scissors, fabric, markers, and a partner—and get ready to make a costume for the biggest candy event of the year.

Sue Fliess’s bouncy read-aloud rhyming text and Simona Sanfilippo’s energetic, whimsical illustrations will bring joy to young readers as they cheer on the kids and their new ghost friend. Also included are guides for teachers and parents about how to engage children in costume-making or an easy Halloween puppet craft, while learning about the history of Halloween, pumpkin carving, and the value of friendship and inclusion on this fun day of gathering with friends to dress up and collect treats. 

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