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“Kids will love this wonderful summer read.  Beach time will have them gathering seashells, grass, coral, driftwood, and more to create a magnificent crown to present to a mermaid if they are lucky enough to meet up with one. The story, written in rhyme, flows from page to page like a gentle lapping wave. The whimsical illustrations remind the reader of a fairytale.  They are detailed and the colour pallet is soft and pleasing to the eye. The author has included guides for parents and teachers instructing how to make mermaid crowns. They list interesting facts of their history and folklore from different cultures. All-in-all it's a wonderful book that both kids and adults will love! I highly recommend it.”  ~Storywraps 

"How to Meet a Mermaid” captures the magic of hunting for mermaids and making wishes come true! Readers will be swept away in the lore of mermaids." @jensbooktalk


"When I was a little girl I always dreamed of meeting a mermaid or a unicorn! I think it's so imperative to let your child's imagination run wild, let them have their own little fantasy world. They will have plenty of time to be grown up later in life. This book is a work of art! A story of new friendships, sharing gifts and exploring new places. In the back of the book there directions on how to make a crown out of everyday things.

Sue Fliess is a great story teller! Playful rhymes with a beautiful message, the gorgeous illustrations pull it all together." @futurebookworms

"How to Meet a Mermaid by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Simona Sanfilippo is a charming book that invites playtime fun! In the back of the book, there are directions for making a mermaid crown, and going on a field trip to the beach, and even the wonderful suggestion of cleaning up the beach by throwing away litter you may encounter." @mindybakerbooks


"This adorable story, How to Meet a Mermaid, by Sue Fliess is a story written in rhyme. I like to get my students thinking with KWL charts to get them excited and questioning what we are going to read. This book captures the magic of hunting for mermaids and making dreams come true! It is great for younger readers!" @rockinresources

How to Meet a Mermaid
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Simona Sanfilippo
Sky Pony Press
ISBN-10: 1510754091
ISBN-13: 978-1510754096



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Legend has it that the only way to meet a mermaid is to know where to look and how to craft a beautiful gift that shows her you care. If you’re lucky, she may even take you on an adventure to explore the ocean!

Mermaids are rarely seen, and even more rarely met. But, if you gather some natural craft supplies--seashells, grass, pieces of coral, driftwood, and sea glass--you might just get to befriend one!

If you look closely, you just might discover a mermaid out in the waves at the edge of the shore. And if you do, you'll need to be ready! By being observant, resourceful, and friendly, you can make a beautiful crown from natural beach materials that will show your new mermaid friend you truly care, and then you'll be taken on an incredible adventure through the ocean's depths, past ancient shipwrecks, and across the waves. You just might get to experience what it's like to be a mermaid yourself, too!

Sue Fliess’s poetic read-aloud text and Simona Sanfilippo’s vibrant, whimsical illustrations will provide much fun for young readers eager to meet their own mermaids! Also included are guides for teachers and parents about how to engage children in building mermaid crowns themselves and how to interest them in the natural world, the history of mermaids, and the many cultures that have believed in them.

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