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Ninja Camp by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Jen Taylor
Ninja Camp
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Jen Taylor
Running Press Kids
ISBN-10: 0762463317
ISBN-13: 978-0762463312


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Included in the Children's Book Council Ninja Day roundup! 



“As could be expected in a book about introductory martial arts, there is solid messaging about working hard, facing your fears, and practicing without complaint that could lend to further discussion on character development. There is also very understated multigendered and multiracial representation among the campers…the coloring is full of wonderfully saturated rusts and blues, and the triumphant story is satisfying.” —Booklist

"The brightly colored cartoon illustrations are very visually stimulating, helping propel the story toward its thrilling ending. The snappy, rhyming text will appeal to early readers and read-aloud audiences. VERDICT A recommended purchase for any library, this book will have kids asking when they can enroll in Ninja Camp!"  

–School Library Journal

“Sharply metered, power-packed rhymes, many using onomatopoetic slams, bangs, chops, and kicks, suit the concept well…and the action-dense story is illustrated to enhance the text…an original take on the ninja theme in portraying a training camp and inter-camp challenge. There are plenty of page-turning twists throughout, with (no surprise) a happy ending for the young ninja stars.” —​Unpacking Picture Book Power

"This was so cute! The illustrations are rich and vibrant. I loved the rhyme to the story. I can see kids loving this book! I mean who didn't want to be a ninja growing up?" @kttilton

Camp season is around the corner and boy do we have a fun camp story for you! NINJA CAMP uses flowing rhymes and vivid illustrations to capture a group of diverse children’s stealthy training as they learn to be honorable ninjas. Ninjas are often a popular theme for children and this engaging read aloud is a favorite among my kids. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? These characters are at such a cool camp: Ninja Camp! And this might be FAVORITE picture book I have read this year. I know, I know, that’s a big statement, but it’s that cute. First of all, I LOVE rhyme (when it is done well, and it is done well in this book). Also, I love stories that take place at camp. Some examples of my favorites are Camp Half-Blood in Percy Jackson, and the movies the Parent Trap and It Takes Two (The Olsen Twins were the coolest.) I’m not usually into Ninja stories, but sometimes the right story comes along and changes your mind. Now I just want to head to Ninja Camp" @endlessfairytales

"How cool would it be to actually train to be a Ninja! That is exactly what these kids get to do in Ninja Camp by sue Fliess! They must learn patience and how to choose right instead of wrong. And of course how to silently creep while moving with speed to perfect their new ninja techniques! This was such a cute story with beautiful illustrations by Jen Taylor. I absolutely loved the diversity and how girl ninjas were represented too! If you were summoned to Ninja Camp would you go?" @babybibliophile

"Gah this book is amazing. The rhyme is fantastic - so fun to read out loud with a bumpy beat. The illustrations are bold and really capture the magic of ninjas. And oh - hey, what’s this —> GIRL NINJAS! That’s right, because girls can certainly be ninja warriors right along with the boys. I am over the moon about this one. That Ninja Creed (swipe to see) is just fantastic." @picturebookplaydates

"Calling all ninjas and ninjas-in-training! A camp centered all around the work needed to be a ninja is right within these pages. Sue Fliess’s NINJA CAMP is a rhyming picture book that embodies the spirit of ninja-hood as a group of kiddos attend an overnight camp to perfect their skills. Bravery marks each face depicted in the complementary illustrations by Jen Taylor."  @bedtime.stories.forevermore

"Through rhyming dialogue from the Ninja Master and silly scenarios scattered among the pages, this children’s book invites kids to learn the skills and secrets of how to become a ninja warrior. The pages are filled with beautiful, bright-coloured pictures which kept my children intrigued from start to finish. Benjamin’s favourite part was the training for the ninja moves. It’s a super cute and highly entertaining journey that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my children. My five-year-old daughter loved it too, so it is great for girls and boys." @lindsaylovesreading

Pack your bags and grab your gear: you're going to Ninja Camp! Listen closely to the ninja master, who will teach you everything you need to know to become a ninja warrior-but it won't be easy. You'll have to be sly and swift, strong and speedy, and only then will you become a Ninja of the Night!

This fun and energetic book will delight and entertain kids and parents alike with its clever, rhyming verse and action-packed depictions of the coolest camp around. For fans of Ninja Red Riding Hood who are looking for a lesson in teamwork and cool stealth skills.

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