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The Princess and the Petri Dish
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis
Albert Whitman & Co. 
ISBN-10: 0807566446
ISBN-13: 978-0807566442


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"Fliess’s lilting, rhyming abcb verse is a delight to read, and Pippa’s quirky perseverance stands as an endearing example for young budding scientists of all genders. Bouloubasis’ fantastical illustrations are vibrant with movement, color, and detail...A silly, inspiring story of a princess who makes her scientific dreams come true."—Kirkus Reviews

"The rhyming story is...inspirational, as Pippa is undeterred and continues her lab work even when her experiments fail to yield success. Petros Bouloubasis’ illustrations...capture the spirit of the story well. Families looking for unconventional princess stories may be drawn to this book" Booklist



Turkish Edition:

Mucit Prenses


ISBN-10: 6254053470

ISBN-13: 978-6254053474




Pippa isn't your usual princess. She prefers petri dishes to perfecting her curtsying. And when she realizes that she doesn't like peas, she gets a sweet idea that consumes her and almost the whole kingdom.

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