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Octopus Acrobatics
Octopus Acrobatics
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Gareth Lucas
Albert Whitman & Company

ISBN-10: 0807558184
ISBN-13: 978-0807558188


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“Playful rhyming verse and gorgeous artwork cannot fail to excite kids who are curious about octopuses in this nonfiction picture book. The verse works well to summarize the illustrations for the youngest readers, while more detail is readily available. The artwork is perfect in describing the octopus’s camouflage abilities and ocean habitat. Back matter includes a glossary, sources and an anatomical diagram.”

~Massachusetts Librarians Youth Services Book Review


“In this attractive title, rhyming couplets, set against vibrant illustrations and supplemented with additional information in a smaller font, introduce a fascinating, seemingly alien species…Lucas’ digitally created artwork shows off the octopuses’ amazing agility. Simplified shapes, vivid colors, and subtle background patterning are used to wonderful effect to portray these creatures, both outside and in…Eye-catching and intriguing.” ~Kirkus Reviews


Master of disguise. Skilled escape artist. Behold the wondrous octopus!

Though octopuses live in every ocean and along every US coast, you may never catch a glimpse of one in the wild. All 300 species, from the tiny wolfi octopus to the enormous Pacific octopus, can camouflage themselves by changing color, pattern, and texture. Some octopuses are also capable of regenerating limbs, surviving on land for short periods of time, and fitting through impossibly small spaces!

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