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"A little girl's imaginative plan to become an astronaut and be the first to travel to Mars really takes off. Rhyming quatrains tell the story of how Sadie patiently reads, cooks, and records important data during the 100-day interplanetary journey. Spiky cartoons transform a child's playroom into an outer-space venue, complete with twinkling stars and colorful planets. Inspiring, adventurous fun for aspirational kids." 

Kirkus Reviews


"In this STEM-focused tale of pretend, Sadie is determined to be the first person to land on Mars. Fliess’s (Flash and Gleam) lighthearted quatrain text clearly delineates what’s required of a leader: Sadie keeps the crew motivated (“She knew it would be tough./ But Sadie kept their spirits up./ ‘We’ll be there soon enough!’”), and she shows tenacity and ingenuity in the face of a Martian sandstorm and a grounded ship. Bright and bouncy colors underscore the spirit of adventure, and Tempest’s (the Babylit series) cartooned drawings have a freewheeling spontaneity that’s well suited to the idea of Sadie going where her mind takes her."

Publishers Weekly

Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Annabel Tempest
Two Lions

ISBN-13 : 978-1542018036

ISBN-10 : 154201803X




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Sadie Sprocket is ready to soar!

Sadie Sprocket is a girl with a big dream—to go to Mars! No one has been to Mars (yet!), so of course that’s where Sadie sets her sights. She learns everything she can about the planet and space, then assembles her crew of trusty stuffed animals. Together they build a rocket and prepare for the historic journey. And then finally—blastoff!

Sadie and her team make it to Mars, but what will they encounter when they leave the ship? And will they travel home safely as the world watches?

With cheery rhyming text and quirky artwork, this is a story about dreaming big and reaching for the stars. The book includes facts about Mars and women in space to inspire budding explorers everywhere.

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