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Puppy Princess
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Edwardian Tayler
little bee books

ISBN-10: 1499802374

ISBN-13: 978-1499802375





“Wacky racers zoom through an unconventional course. Who will win? Clues along the way should help children figure out the surprise twist, and readers will love flipping back and forth to see the play between Maxwell’s imagination and real life. Fliess’ crunchy, rhyming text will have readers barreling along. Energetic automotive fun.” Read the full review.
Kirkus Reviews

"Rhyming text makes generous use of onomatopoeia to tell the tale of how the littlest car wins the race. Brightly colored cartoon illustrations depict close-ups of seemingly fantastical landscapes that are also oddly familiar...A rollicking read-aloud and a fun choice for one-on-one sharing so youngsters can flip back through the pages and see how the boy’s flights of fancy compare to his reality."

School Library Journal

"Entertaining, engaging and filled with tons of racecar sound effects this book will get your littles excited! It’s not a new one but it’s perfect for using at home or in a classroom to encourage movement, especially if you’re in a cold climate like us!" @storymamas


In this imaginative book, a tiny car lines up next to all the other cars revving their engines. . . . Will it be able to take the Winner's Cup?

Race cars!
Line up!
Who will take the Winner’s Cup?

Cars start,
lights glow…
“Rev your engines…GO GO GO!”

All the cars are lining up for the race, but one car is smaller than the rest. As it squeezes in between all of them, the cars rev their engines . . . and they’re off! Down mountains and by waterfalls, through tunnels and past landslides, the cars race through places that somehow look oddly familiar. . . .

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