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Read alouds that are sweet, funny, smart & even wacky - just like love! How to Help A Cupid finds Cupid in need of rescue, and then his rescuers show him how to improve upon the holiday. We also get treated to the history of Valentine’s Day and how kids can celebrate." ~Kidtime Storytime

"Sue Fliess’s holiday books are utterly stupendous. Heartfelt and engaging text inspires readers not only to practice compassion and generosity, but also provides nonfiction elements that are sure to prompt further reading and discussions Sanfilippo’s bright and whimsical spreads are sure to get readers in the holiday spirit. Back matter includes resources for creating Valentine’s Day cards, information on the history of the holiday, as well as facts about Cupid mythology." @OliviatheLibrarian

"How to Help A Cupid by Sue Fliess & Simona Sanfilippo is an adorable story that shines a light on the holiday, emphasizing the importance of kindness.When Cupid gets tangled in a tree, the kids are there to help. But her arrows need some time to be fixed and set correctly. In the meantime, Cupid learns from the kids, using art tools and creativity, how to make a Valentine card. Cupid decides that a card along with her arrows will be the ultimate way to spread love! Sue Fliess has written another wonderful holiday story with rhyming text. My sons wanted to immediately read her How to Track The Easter Bunny. I also adore how Sue and Simona show how there is no right or wrong way to make a card for someone. And most of all the end shows that we can spread the love ALL year and not just during Valentine’s Day!" @storymamas

"If Cupid needed your help spreading love and Valentine cheer would you be up for the challenge? The children in this book discover a Cupid who's collided with a dove, broken his arrows, and damaged his wing. Not only do they help Cupid get his wing and arrows back in order, they also make Valentine's cards with him and help send love to everyone. This book also highlights that love is shown just as much in deed and action as it is in words. The back matter contains Cupid mythology, the history of Valentine's Day, how to make a Valentine, and a snippet on the value of being kind. This is such a fun book with upbeat rhyming and playful illustrations."  @littlebookwormclub

How to Help a Cupid
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Simona Sanfilippo
Sky Pony Press
ISBN-10: 1510761764
ISBN-13: 978-1510761766


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Valentine's Day is all about showing kindness to the most important people in your life—and if you're caring and thoughtful, you can help Cupid spread love and happiness, too!

Will you spot a Cupid this Valentine's day? If you do, will you be ready to help him spread love and kindness? By being observant, helpful, and friendly, you can lend Cupid a hand, and together you can make special cards and gifts to show all your favorite people how much they mean to you. 

So, grab some supplies—stickers, markers, crayons, colored paper, glue, and whatever else you like (it's the thought that counts on Valentine's Day!)—and think of heartfelt messages to share with your loved ones. Then be ready to meet Cupid and work together to spread cheer and happiness!

Sue Fliess’s poetic read-aloud text and Simona Sanfilippo’s vibrant, whimsical illustrations will provide joy for young readers eager to help Cupid share the love! Also included are guides for teachers and parents about how to engage children in making Valentine's Day cards and how to interest them in the history of the holiday, the mythology behind the winged messenger Cupid, and the value of being thoughtful and kind to everyone. 

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