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Keynotes and Speaking Programs

Please check out my programs & presentations and book me today! 

I’d love to speak to your organization! Whether it’s a writing or creative organization, a university, an industry or charity event, or career fair, I can speak about the writing process, promotion, story and structure, my journey, the importance of youth literacy, aspects of the children's book business, the publishing industry and breaking in, and making a living as a writer. Some of my presentations include:


Embrace the Unexpected: You Never Know Where “Yes” May Lead You

Fliess will discuss her publishing journey, and how each choice along the way lead her to unexpected but wonderful places.


Getting the Word(s) Out

Sue will discuss the art of self-promotion, covering public relations, marketing and other things that cramp your comfort zone.


If You Wish for Rhyming Glory, You Must Focus on the Story

Sue will discuss writing in rhyme and the importance of focusing on, and figuring out your story first--then seeing if rhyme is the best way to tell it. She'll offer rhyme tips and tricks, as well as resources for rhymers.

Rejected but not Forgotten

That manuscript that just got rejected? Don't throw it away! Rethink it. Rework it. Sue will talk about her rejected stories that she later revised and sold—and how you can do the same.


Fracture This!

In this hands-on workshop, Sue will work with writers to create their own fractured stories from idea to satisfying ending.


Tips and Tricks to Breaking In

Sue had a few tricks up her sleeve when she was starting out and she’ll happily share them. Get useful tips for getting a foot in the door or furthering your career at a time when more and more doors seem closed.


To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (should not be the question)

The author of over twenty books in rhyme, Sue will discuss the benefits and constraints of writing in rhyme. She’ll then lead the class through a few hands-on (fun!) exercises.


Playing with Picture Book Structure

Sue will talk about 9 types of picture book structure, how structure can inspire creativity, and help you develop your characters more fully and inform your story. She'll share many examples.


Don't Wait…Create! 

Forget about the notion of waiting for your muse. Your muse out is looking for you! Fliess will offer practical ways to kickstart your creative gears.


Please consider me for speaking opportunities. I am a seasoned speaker and presenter. My public speaking experience includes:

Staff enrichment speaker (schools)

University presenter to graduating students

Workshop presenter
Speaker/ Presenter (SCBWI)
Panel participant (SCBWI)
School Author visits
Library program presenter
Festival author presentations
Mom's group presentations
Girl Scout troop presentations


Speaking at SCBWI Los Angeles

Speaking to undergraduate Communication Arts students, Salisbury University. 

Speaking to a class of children's literacy students, Salisbury University

Facilitating a writing workshop for faculty of Cedar Lane Elementary School

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