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I'm a Gymnast.jpeg
I'm a Gymnast!
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Daniela Sosa

an imprint of
Random House Children's Books

ISBN-10: 0593177959
ISBN-13: 978-0593177952


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A rhyming Little Golden Book introducing young readers to the sport of gymnastics.


Classes start this afternoon . . .
I'll become a gymnast soon!
Mommy helps me brush my hair
and find a leotard to wear.

So begins a young girl's love of gymnastics. This rhyming Little Golden Book is a delightful introduction to the excitement of taking gymnastics lessons and being in the gym doing headstands, cartwheels, rhythmic gymnastics, and more! Written by Sue Fliess, the author of the Little Golden Books I'm a Ballerina! and I'm a Figure Skater!

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