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Rumble and Roar Cover
Rumble and Roar
Sound Around the World
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Khoa Le
Millbrook Press

ISBN-10: 1541598695
ISBN-13: 978-1541598690


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"This satisfying picture book about sound comes from the author-illustrator team who created Flash and Gleam (2020), a book about light…Facing spreads consider one concept at a time, and the full-page illustrations are set off by four- or five-word unpunctuated rhyming couplets that effortlessly convey both everyday and special events…This nicely complements introductory science units and will also remind readers to slow down, take a minute, and listen.


"As they explore the great outdoors, the two boys and two girls of varying ethnicities are told to “listen. / Hear. / Cup your ear.” The spare, rhyming enhanced by colorful, panoramic, scenic illustrations. The backmatter includes two pages of detailed information about “The Science of Sounds,” complete with “FUN FACT” sidelights and textbooklike diagrams of the human ear and human vocal cords. A lyrical soundscape that leaves room for observation and makes space for scientific discussion.

Kirkus Reviews

"Readers journey around the world in this rhyming romp. The rhymes are heavily reliant on onomatopoeia and will make for a fun read-aloud…The illustrations are vibrant and full color, and the people depicted are of diverse races. Back matter includes factual information on sound, heartbeats, and animal communication that could potentially be used to support elementary school lessons; This beautifully ­illustrated rhyming text will make a good read-aloud and can be used to spark conversations about sounds in the world.

School Library Journal



Babble / Swoosh / Roar and WHOOSH!

The roar of a waterfall, the chirp of insects, the thump of a heartbeat―sound is all around us! Rhyming text and atmospheric illustrations present four children in different parts of the world who encounter all sorts of sounds.

"I also love when an author can bring together poetry and science—the forthcoming Rumble and Roar by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Khoa Le, is a great example of that.” Carol Hinz, associate publisher of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books (read the full article)

awards and honors:

A Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of the Year, 2023 Edition

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