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A Fairy Friend
A Fairy Friend
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Claire Keane
Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt and Company
ISBN-10: 1627790810
ISBN-13: 978-1627790819



Soar into an enchanting miniature world full of fairies. These playful creatures are all around us, if you know just where to look. And if you want to have one come to you, build a fairy house of twigs and blooms and wait patiently for a fairy to take up residence.


Children are fascinated with miniature worlds and the fairies who inhabit them. A forever friend awaits each reader in the pages of this lovely picture book with illustrations by a Disney animator.


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"Charming illustrations in a loose style use a muted palette of lavenders and blues to create a magical aura with swirling lines and tiny trails of stars following the . . . pretty creatures in the style of Tinker Bell à la Disney. Enchanting stuff for lovers of fairies."—Kirkus Reviews


"With simple verse and detailed charm, this little book is a treasure as text, motion, and varied perspectives pull readers into a child’s imagination or creative play. . . A first purchase sure to please young readers and the young at heart in all libraries."—School Library Journal

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"I wish Sue Fliess to be my fairy word-mother. She is a master story-teller, and this one is magical--literally. Full of wonderful whimsy and sparkle, this bedtime tale is a nightly gem in my house. I'd say more, but I promised my daughter we'd go make some flower-petal stew."—Kwame Alexander, winner of the Newbery Medal for his novel, The Crossover

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