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Cicada Symphony Cover.jpeg
Now Available!
Cicada Symphony
by Sue Fliess
illustrated by Gareth Lucus
Albert Whitman and Company
ISBN-10: 0807511617
ISBN-13: 978-978-0807511619


Eeee-ooo! Eeee-ooo! Cicadas drone on, clicking and buzzing from dusk till dawn.

There are about three thousand different kinds of cicadas on earth. Some species emerge from the ground every year, while others only come up every thirteen or seventeen years. But no matter how much time passes before they dig their way to the surface, the result is the same: up to trillions of clumsy (but harmless!) insects flying, clicking, and buzzing all around us. Using a combination of rhythmic, rhyming verse and fun facts, this story describes the life cycle of the cicada and helps readers better understand this fascinating insect.

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